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Bathmate Permanent Damage Base – Bathmate Hydromax Performance Review

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Bathmate Order Online


Bathmate Reviews and Outcomes

Bathmate was a huge reason I decided to start this website..Male Enhancement is a private matter. Because of this, along with so many different brands and products, it is tough to separate the genuine product reviews, from all of the fake ones. I’d cover each aspect of Bathmate in this thorough review. Bathmate Permanent Damage Base


Does the Bathmate Work? If So, How….

Like any pump, Bathmate creates a vacuum around the penis.. The vacuum increases, drawing fluid from the cylinder around the penis. The resulting pressure attracts blood into the erectile chambers, extending the penile shaft to the maximum capacity.Thanks to the elasticity of the penile tissues, there is obviously very good room for expansion similar to a over-inflated tire.I was able to find half a dozen medical journals that can back this claim up.Most of the journal were true life experiences. With that being said, these reviews should hold more weight than the average review you find online. Bathmate Permanent Damage Base


What is unique about Bathmate? Why not other cheaper options?

Even though the technology behind Bathmate is simple, there’s other factors that may not be. Things such as how to care for the Bathmate. Or understanding the parts behind it, the safety etc.The last thing you want to do, is inflict harm on your penis. That’s why it’s smart to go with a reputable brand, such as Bathmate. Bathmate aside, it is crucial to follow a schedule and safety precautions, to prevent any injury or harm.

Bathmate Order Online

This is not a pump you should use


Is there a coupon code for 2019?

When you’re on the checkout page, it is possible to see a box to put in a coupon code. Unfortunately at this time, Bathmate does not have a coupon code, that you can use. If any other site tries to tell you there is currently a discount code, they are not a legitimate website. Avoid them. Thus, always be cautious. Simply buy from Official Bathmate website *.

Decision Purchasing from this link ensures 60-day money-back option and free delivery.  Bathmate Permanent Damage Base

Bathmate Order Online

Here is a list of all the things Bathmate can offer

  • Boost length up to 1-3 inches
  • Augment thickness
  • Improve self-confidence
  • For Increased stamina
  • Heightens orgasm
  • Enlarge penile head
  • Straighten curves
  • Assist in Peyronie’s disease (Clinically proven)
  • Helps erectile dysfunction

Originally, Bathmate were air pumps. But this was innovated to give a much more effective result. Bathmate decided to change to water, when they found experts in the pneumatic and hydraulic area. The water creates a partial vacuum surrounding the penis which can enhance and improve the penile health.Bathmate decided to name the pump Hydromax, as the water helps with pulling blood into the organ.This causes the blood chambers to enhance, leading to thicker and harder erections.


The best way to select the right sort for you

2019 Update: The official site has a very helpful size calculator tool that will allow you to decide on the ideal model based on your penis length and girth.You can assess this webpage (scroll down to the middle of the page) to find the perfect model for your own size.Not sure what your penis size is? You can check out the size guide here. Bathmate Order Online


Click this image, scroll down about midway and insert your measurements there. Bathmate Permanent Damage Base

The organization had created Hercules and Goliath as flagship models to start with. The Hercules is more for average sized guys. The Goliath is for those who are already larger than average. Over time, the Hydromax was added to these 2 models, making them 30% more effective. Resulting in quicker and better results. With the exception of the Hydroxtreme, which included a hand pump, the other models are pretty straight forward; with no extra pieces.

  • Hercules: Recommended for guys who have a 7′ penis length. This model can handle as much as 8.5″ in length and 6.7″ in girth. This is the most affordable model, and it gives great results.
  • HydroMax X20: For guys that possess a maximum penile length of 5.5″, this one is your best pick. It can help you raise up to 7.5″ length and 5.5″ of girth.
  • HydroMax X30: This model is if you need to see some positive effects pretty quickly. Innovation was done on its own valve system, allowing it suction more to up to 30 percent in comparison to additional variants . It’s a comparable dimension into Hercules. Therefore, Hydromax X30 can be utilized by typical men (less than 7 inches when erect).}
  • HydroMax X40: This can be really for men with 7″ to 10″ length of the erect penis. The most girth of 7.9″ can also be accommodated.
  • Goliath: The largest of the Bathmate models, for guys measuring 9-10.5″ in length. Also for guys who have been blessed with a 9″ girth. To get an idea of how big this is, you can literally fit the Hercules inside of this pump!
  • HydroMax Extreme: This comes in series (Xtreme XX30, Xtreme XX40, and Xtreme XX50, meant for guys with 9-11 length range. These include handball pump in addition to hose and lots of other”extras”. This the most advanced series with a fantastic deal of additions. You will check these hereHydroMax Extreme: Available in a series XX30, XX40 and XX50, this is for large guys between 9-11″. It comes with a hand pump along with other parts. You can find this series here:


Negative Effects

Picking the pump which suits you most is critical, otherwise, you won’t just get the desired outcome but you might have a swollen, sore and bruised penis. Rather you choose a water pump, or air pump, doesn’t matter. The main issue is to select the product with the maximum quality. Bathmate Permanent Damage Base


Bathmate Use

The good thing about Bathmate pump is that the simplicity of its use. It’s so easy that you can just add it to your daily schedule.During your bath time, simply add warm water to the Bathmate, and insert your penis inside. (flacid of course)(Flacid is much safer. But, some guys do choose to use it while erect. When you do your initial seal, pull the pump up against your body, and release. As you do that, the water will be release from the pump through its release bulb that’s located in the cylinder’s end.Once sealed, you may begin your session. Your length and girth will start to increase, as you move through your routine.Once the bulb is out of water, you have reached the maximum pressure level.It is possible to see 1-2 cm or more erection length. While it shouldn’t be painful. you will feel pressure as you pump. Once distress is felt, discharge the valve to discharge a minimum amount of pressure and protect against injury.When you are at maximum pressure, stay there for 5-6 minutes. Once done, hold down the release valve and release your penis. This process should be repeated 2-3 times.Three cycles must be completed in 15-20 minutes. This will reward you with quicker and maximum results.If you want to be the most comfortable, it’s important to first do a warm up. You have to be at a flaccid and loose condition (which includes your scrotum). If not, your scrotum can go into the pump, causing pain. Make sure to do penis exercises either before, or after your routine. Also use warm water for them. Here is a basic routine for a beginner

  • 1st Week: 1 x 10-minute sessions daily
  • 2nd Week: 1 x 15-minute sessions daily
  • 3rd Week: 2 x 10-minute sessions daily
  • 4th Week: 2 x 15-minute sessions daily
  • 5th Week: 1 x 20 min + 1 x 15 minute sessions each day
  • 6th Week: 2 x 20-minute sessions daily


Where to Buy Bathmate

You can buy pumps both in person, or online if you are not comfortable buying in person.. Buying online allows you to take the time to research which size you need. Without the thought of someone staring at you awkwardly.Be sure to ONLY buy from Bathmate’s official website. Official Bathmate site. Bathmate Permanent Damage Base


Conclusion: Does Bathmate Work?

Although most photos you see online are not real, but promotional; there have been studies of people gaining 1/2-1.5″ from Bathmate. Not all men are comfortable showing photos. But, their words may give you the trust that you need, to give Bathmate a shot. There are not many products in male enhancement market that has scientific community financing and Bathmate is among these products. You can gain anywhere from 1 to 3 inches, with routine use. It will take months to see permanent gains. But, temporary gains happen instantly. You get 2 months no-questions-asked money back guarantee to demonstrate its usefulness to yourself (Make sure that you buy from the official site to be covered beneath refund policy). For pricing and additional details, check that the Official Bathmate site

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